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Three Suites for Three to Thirteen

Our home is part of the first estate in the valley.  Just up the road was the main house, about twice as big as ours is now.  Across the road and up a bit is the HUGE main barn that is now an artists in residence studio.  Across the road is a small auxillary barn.  Down the road is what I BELIEVE was workers cottage upgraded for maybe a son or daugther, as it had a balcony that looked just part the back of our house to get a view of the main house.  Our house actually started as the ice house, and the walls of that section were full of insulating sawdust when Gramps bought the place after WWII.  Our pond was actually the ice house pond, and my recent replacement of the drain assembly confirmed this as I excavated out the origional clay and wattle pond bottom used to ensure a shallow pool for ice to form.  Our house expanded over the years for workers housing and when the farm was out competed by farms with larger fields suitable for large tractors it was turned into a boarding house that ultimately had over a dozen people sharing a single bathroom supplemented by the two seater outhouse some 100 ft out back.  It's been a multi generational project to bring all this up to 21st century standards, but, we are closing in on that now, and believe it's ready for friends to enjoy not endure anymore.  So come and enjoy!